How to get more Short Sale Business Tip #2 of 8 (For Investors, Realtors, and Brokers)

How to get more Short Sale Business Tip #2 of 8 (For Investors, Realtors, and Brokers)

Tip #2 of 8 on how to get more Short Sale Business

I am committed to helping Realtors and Brokers expand
their business by providing marketing tips and structuring
the short sale experience so you keep your full
commission and do minimal work.

This tip is all about:


This is an excellent way to generate
short sale listings! Many homeowners want to
explore a loan modification before resorting
to a short sale, however most simply
do not qualify. Mainly because they have a
permanent hardship (like loss of job)or they
can't afford the three grand that the loan
mod company charges.

Most Loan Modification companies have
large quantities of these "bad" leads (bad for them, good for you).
Partnering with just one large company could staff a
full office of agents listing short sales for months!

The idea is that you call them and set up a relationship
where both you and the loan mod company are
benefiting. If you call and simply try to ask
for business you might not get very far, but if
you get creative and come up with a plan
where everyone will benefit from the relationship
you can have great success!

Now is the time to make those partnerships
happen and then sit back and watch the short sale
listings come to you.

Keep in mind, with Short Sale Pros you keep
all your commission and we do all the work work with the bank!

What other methods are you using to take advantage of the short sale market? Look out of tip 3 coming out soon!

Keep in mind, you can contact me anytime to help get your short sales closed, with our model you keep all your commission and do none of the work!

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