How to Successfully Launch a profitable Real Estate Business

How to Successfully Launch a profitable Real Estate Business

The hardest part of getting your Real Estate Investing business started is overcoming the fear of the unknown that comes with attempting anything new. Many of my students get stuck before they even start suffering from analysis paralysis. Getting caught in the train of thought that if they just buy one more seminar, they will finally feel confident enough to get in the game and finally start doing deals.

What we all need to understand is that fear will never go away no matter how many courses you buy, or how many boot-camps and seminars you attend. The only way to get over this fear is by actually getting in the game, you need to face your fears and execute! We do not need to start with huge deals getting started, or even any of our own money. So many times, investors think that they need to put everything on the line to get into real estate investing. That is so far from the truth, I did my first almost 50 deals without ever using any of my own money or credit. This are what everyone has heard of called "baby steps", everyone that is successful today started with baby steps. These are just stepping stones to growing a big investing operation like myself and my partners have. It all started with finally pulling the trigger and doing are first deal. Looking back on it now with over 300 deals under my belt, the only regret I have is not getting started sooner!

Here is an easy action guide for you to start using today, this will help you finally start working towards your goals. Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to being a successful real estate investor!

Attend a REIA / Meetup / Investment club meetings : Networking with other investors is the best and first step to starting your investing career. The people you will meet at these events can be a big help to you while first getting started. I always say that "Relationships are the only shortcuts to success". For a lot of us this can seem a little nerve wrecking in the beginning, but be rest assured that this is the most important step in starting your business. Another major bonus is that these meeting are usually free! If this is a big challenge to overcome, you might want to consider attending one of my events to help you sharpen your networking skills. Remember... you are always on the air!

Meet with successful Investors: Sometimes we need to see before we can believe. Meeting with an active successful investor will give you the inspiration you need to get your butt into gear. When I was first getting started I made it a point to meet and surround myself with as many of these people as I could. We have all heard that saying..."You income is the exact average of the 5 people you hang out with most"...so why are you hanging out with your broke friends? If you need help finding successful investors to meet with, a REIA or Networking group as explained above is a great place to start.

Take Action: The only way to invest in your first deal is by finding your first deal!! Whatever your chosen model is, you need to find properties to invest in. So if you are going to be looking for motivated sellers, then you need to get on the phone with sellers. The only way we can get better at talking to our clients is by talking to more and more of them. Practice makes perfect, right? No! Perfect practice makes perfect! Practice your scripts, roll play your scripts and get on the PHONE!! Read this very carefully...TAKING ACTION WILL MAKE YOU RICH!!

Getting starting and making money investing in real estate is not easy and anyone that tells you it is has not done any deals. If you want to be successful you need to be ready to get outside of your comfort zone and act in spite of fear! Because of this we must make sure we are always surrounding ourselves with the right people on a regular basis as well as feeding our mind positive thoughts on a regular basis. Make sure to check back for my next post on "The Winning Mindset."

What are you going to do to get started?

Yours in Success,

Sam Khorramian

Success Expert

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