How to Get More Business Today With These Simple Easy-to-follow Lead Generation Tips - For Real Estate Investors, Agents, and Brokers

How to Get More Business Today With These Simple Easy-to-follow Lead Generation Tips

Many people make the mistake of thinking that prospecting is about making the sale or closing the deal. You will rarely “make the sale” on the first call… It's about getting the chance to make the sale. The ultimate purpose of a prospecting call is to set an appointment to make your “pitch”. You should be focused on simply setting an appointment before you hang up the call.

Find out as much as you possibly can about the individual you are prospecting in advance. This gives you the huge advantage of being able to talk about their needs when you call them.

Always use your script on your prospecting calls (If you don’t have a script, make one! If you need help, feel free to contact me). This should be non-negotiable. Without a script, it's too easy to leave something out or get off track. Remember, after you practice and internalize the scripts this will become second nature to you.

The 5 Critical Points of Prospecting:

1) Selling is asking questions. Questions will help you find out everything you need to go for the sell. This is called question-based selling. When you ask questions, you come off more sincere, and it gives you the ability to find out more about your prospect. Listen to what they are saying and then present all the ways your product or service will benefit them.

2) Prospecting is a numbers game. We have all heard that every no gets you closer to a yes. We have to understand that hearing NO is going to be a big part of our business. The more NO’s you hear in a day the better you did, just keep on going for the YES! If you want more sales… you need to talk to more people.

3) You should set a goal for yourself to keep you on track. An example of this would be: 10-12 contacts an hour for 2-4 hours every day. This alone will get you better results than you ever imagined.

4) You can never lose a deal from too much follow-up. Remember, most sales will happen after several contacts. Don’t leave money on the table with the lack of follow-up. Set a follow up schedule for yourself and try to automate as much of the process as possible.

5) An objection is simply a question in the mind of the prospect that needs to be answered. So script out the answers to your 5 most common objections. Then you will be equipped to handle them as soon as they come up. Since objections never change, simply figure out the answers.

The best place to start is on the PHONE. The sooner you develop and learn your script and objection handlers the sooner we will be able to jump on the phone and get business. If you are persistent every day in making your minimum # of calls you can’t help but to succeed. Do it consistently EVERY DAY and you will receive a flood of business!

What creative ideas are you using to land more prospects?


Preston Mattix
Real Estate Expert

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