Foreclosure Properties are selling at a Record Pace - Get them before they are gone!

Good Foreclosure Properties are selling FAST!

Buyers in most areas are finding that bank owned / real-estate owned (REO) properties(homes that the lenders have repossessed and put back on the market)often are selling the day they are listed for sale, sometimes faster. According to the founder of, offers on REO properties are coming in immediately after the listing comes on the market, and some homes have been put into contract in less than 90 minutes.

What this means to buyers today…

• On average, inventory on California properties priced less than $300,000—the most-competitive price point for todays foreclosure buyers—have dwindled from a 10-month supply a year ago, to less than a 4 month supply in July, according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.)

• Since the inventory levels of homes priced in the lower end of the market are so low, buyers are finding that lenders/sellers are not willing to negotiate on the price. In many instances, lenders/sellers expect the first offer to be the best and highest possible for the buyer, and most are being sold over list price. Since competition is so high, when writing offers be prepared to make the best offer you possibly can upfront in order to be considered.

• Instead of holding onto REOs for the best prices—and paying the property taxes and maintenance and carrying costs—many banks are selling these properties as quickly as possible, according to “In this market, if banks can liquidate them fast, it makes more sense to get them off the books,” said the company’s founder.

• In spite of efforts by lenders and the government to prevent foreclosures, many economists and housing experts are predicting another wave of foreclosures by year’s end, and many of those properties will be offered for a quick sale. According to the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, 53 percent of loans that were modified in the first half of 2008 fell back into arrears and will most likely end up in foreclosure down the road

If you are serious about buying property while taking advantage of the available tax credits make sure that you and your agent are prepared to work quickly!

What have you noticed from the REO buying experience?

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