How to get more Short Sale Business Tip #1 of 8 (For Investors, Realtors, and Brokers)

How to get more Short Sale Business Tip #2 of 8 (For Investors, Realtors, and Brokers)
Tip #1 of 8 on how to get more Short Sale Business

I am committed to growing your business by providing
marketing tips and structuring the short sale so you keep your full
commission and do minimal work.

This tip is all about:


A MLS search can provide another piece of useful information that most
agents don’t utilize.

An expired short sale listing can sometimes be up for the taking. Approach
the seller by explaining that their property most likely didn’t sell because it was not priced correctly. This can be quite common with the constant fluctuation in the market.

Setup a search in the MLS to deliver updates
to you every day with the following criteria:
1. Expired listings
2. Short sale
3. Price range and location you want to work

By offering them a no-cost solution to their problem by using YOUR listing
experience and Short Sale Pros negotiation expertise, they have the best chance at
selling their home, saving their credit, and insuring their ability to purchase again.

What other methods are you using to take advantage of the short sale market? Look out of tip 2 coming out soon!

Keep in mind, you can contact me anytime to help get your short sales closed, with our model you keep all your commission and do none of the work!

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