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The “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” was passed into law - a barely publicized “sweetner” to the new Bill was an unlimited tax credit for installing some alternate energy systems.clip_image002

Solar Water Heating systems have been approved for 30% of the cost of the system or up to $2,000. If you install a Photovoltaic System (electricity via solar power) to your house you can claim up to 30% of the total cost! That’s is a potential credit of around $7,500-$9,000 based on the cost of typical system.

Other items that would be considered “energy efficient home improvements” are replacement windows, insulation, small wind energy systems and non-solar water heaters. The maximum claim amount allowed is up to $500 for these types of improvements.

How it works is if you want to install qualifying energy efficient products into your home from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009 you can earn tax credits. Unfortunately 2008 installations do not qualify for the tax credit.

So now you will be rewarded for taking the time to make energy efficient improvements to your home and help save valuable resources at the same time.

Great Solar Website, Go to

How do you think this will motivate people to get involved with the "Green Movement"?

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