Short Sales- A better way to sell your home and avoid Forclosure!

Short Sales Are Helping Countless Homeowners...

In todays Market nearly 20% (9 million people) of homeowners across the country- are "upside down" on their mortgages. Meaning, they owe more on their mortgage balance than their properties are actually worth.

Some people would predict that these people will walk away and accept loosing their home to foreclosure.... But there is light at the end of the tunnel! A lot of homeowners are starting to understand the benefits of a Short Sale rather than a foreclosure. Both serve the homeowner the same in the sense that they will be a walking away from a depreciating asset, but the Short Sale holds a lot more benefits to the homeowner:

Credit Impact: For starters a Short Sale will affect a person’s credit significantly less than a foreclosure. Meaning that someone with a Short Sale in their credit is a lot more likely to qualify for a new mortgage in as little as 12 months, whereas a foreclosure and/or bankruptcy will haunt someone for up to 7 years.

Stress: On top of the credit implications nobody ever talks about the effect on homeowner’s moral when they are going through a foreclosure. It’s never a good feeling for someone that is just watching the bank take their homes away. With a Short Sale, the homeowner will have more time to make moving preparations.

Homeowner Help: With a Short Sale the homeowner is completely involved in the process, making their own decisions with the help and guidance of a Short Sale Professional. The Short Sale specialist will handle all communications with the lender, as well as market and sell the property with the help of an Real Estate Agent. This allows the homeowner a great alternative to foreclosure or bankruptcy!

Homeowners that are upside down on their property or facing foreclosure should contact a Short Sale Specialist once they have missed at least one mortgage payment. You can contact Short Sale Pros who offers a short sale service at no cost at no cost to the homeowner. People will contact short sale professionals since very few Realtors have the skills to process complex short sale transactions, and some short sale companies can charge thousands to process a short sale.

San Diego school teacher Marlen Sepulveda stated, "When my adjustable rate mortgage increased and my salary was jeopardized due to economic conditions, I couldn't afford my mortgage any more and I didn't know where to turn. I contacted the Short Sale Pros and they answered all my questions and negotiated my short sale, all at no cost to me."

Remember…You have options if you need to sell or are facing foreclosure! Don’t just let the bank take your home!

Sam Khorramian

Success Expert

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