Foreclosure Process Time Line

General Foreclosure Timeline

The time line below is a typical California non-judicial foreclosure. The foreclosure process does not begin until the lender feels they have tried all avenues for fixing the payment delinquency. Normally, this will happen after the borrower has missed 3 monthly mortgage payments. The lender will contact the borrower several times prior to beginning the foreclosure process .The official foreclosure process then begins by the lender contacting a Trustee and instructing them to file a Notice of Default.

Day 1 - Notice Of Default recorded with County Recorder

The first 10 business days
- Trustee mails Notice of default to borrower(s) with recording the date

1st month- Lender Mails Notice of Default to borrower again

90 days after Notice of Default - Set Sale Date, time and location Unless a bankruptcy has been filed, or other event occurs that holds the timeline( At this point Short sale is a great last resort option )

25 days before Sale Date
- Send Notice Of Sale to IRS (if applicable)

20 days before Sale Date- Begin publishing Notice Of Sale in an adjudicated newspaper. (must run for 3 consecutive weeks).

20 days before Sale Date
- Post the Notice of Sale on the property itself. Most services will photograph the posting location for your records.

20 days before Sale Date- Mail Notice of Sale to borrower and required parties.

14 days prior to Sale Date- Record Notice of Sale with county recorder's office

5 days prior to Sale Date- The borrower's right to reinstate expires.

On sale Date- The property is sold to high bidder or reverts back to lender

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