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Buying a New Home or Condo has been gaining momentum amongst First Time Home Buyers, Rehab Property Flippers, and Buy and Hold Cash Flow Investors.

When Buying a Home or Condo, you will want to get your loan pre-qualified first. Part of getting your home loan pre-approved is showing your income and how much house you can afford.

Watch this quick video where I interview a top loan consultant to explain the process of how to show income when getting a home loan.

To determine your maximum San Diego mortgage amount, lenders use guidelines called debt-to-income ratios. This is simply the percentage of your monthly income (before taxes) that is used to pay your monthly debts. Because there are two calculations, there is a "front" ratio and a "back" ratio and they are generally written in the following format: 33/38.

The front ratio is the percentage of your monthly income (before taxes) that is used to pay your housing costs, including principal, interest, taxes, insurance, mortgage insurance, and homeowners association fees (when applicable). The back ratio is the same thing, only it also includes your monthly consumer debt. Consumer debt can be car payments, credit card debt, installment loans, and similar related expenses. Auto or life insurance is not considered a debt.

These are just guidelines and they are flexible. If you make a larger down payment or have sterling credit, the guidelines are less rigid. The guidelines also vary according to loan program. FHA guidelines, VA guidelines, and Conventional Loan Guidelines all vary.

Whether you want to buy a high end home or a nice comfortable starter home, Oliver will be more than happy to assist you regardless of your budget.

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