Why Invest in Real Estate Now?

Now more than ever Residential real estate ownership is gaining ever-increasing interest from retail investors for many of the following reasons:

--The current market can provide incredible deals and even in a "bad market" Real estate provides more predictable returns than stocks and bonds.

--Real estate provides an inflation hedge because rental rates and investment cash flows usually rise by at least as much as the inflation rate.

--Real estate provides an excellent place for capital in times when investors are unsure of prospects in the stock and bond markets or when investors expect long-term returns in stocks and bonds to be inadequate.

-- Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow

--The equity created in a real estate investment provides an excellent base for financing other investment opportunities. Instead of borrowing from a 401(k) or family member to get the capital, investors can borrow against their equity to finance other projects. The relative ease in borrowing against a real estate investment combined with the deductibility of the mortgage interest makes this option a less-expensive method for financing other opportunities for investors who are comfortable taking on the additional financial risk.

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