How to work with Homeowners (for Agents Real Estate and Investors)

Currently over 25% of mortgages are over-leveraged,
meaning these properties are worth LESS than the amount
of the mortgage.

There is an estimated 7 MILLION foreclosures coming
down the pipe over the next few years, and right now
luxury homes are going into foreclosure twice as fast as
the medium-priced homes.


Once you locate a potential short sale deal and you set
the appointment with the homeowner, there are three
major factors to understand...

1) Homeowners can be skeptical. Many of these homeowners
are in a short sale situation because of a loan officer that put
them into a bad loan, they were tricked into terms they did
not understand, or they got in over their heads.

2) They are most likely in some sort of hardship. It could be
anything from Job loss, to death of a spouse, medical issues.

3) They have a lot going on in their heads, particularly fear
of making a bad decision.

Learn to be there for them and come from a place of service.

Be real with them and educate them on what their options
are. When you put their interests first and show a strong
knowledge you will get the deal every time!

To your success,

Oliver Graf
Real Estate Expert

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