Tips on loans and financing for Mobile and Manufactured Homes

What are mobile home loans?

Mobile homes are actually manufactured homes which are normally found in campsites or mobile home parks. They are transported by tractor-trailers over public roads to sites. Sometimes they are used as temporary accommodation on campsites. These houses can be placed in one location permanently as well as can be moved to other areas. If you want to buy this kind of homes, then you can take the help of mobile home loans from FHA (Federal Housing Administration) approved lenders. FHA approved lenders generally give loans from their own funds to eligible borrowers to finance the purchase of mobile home. FHA insures the lender against loss if the borrower can't make the payments.

Objective of the loan
The mobile home loan is used to purchase a manufactured home, a lot on which a manufactured home is to be placed.

How to qualify for mobile home loans?
The eligibility criteria for the mobile home loans are as follows:
• Borrower should have sufficient income to make the minimum required down payment.
• Borrower must be able to prove that they can make the payments on the loan and cover their other expenses.
• Borrower primarily intends to occupy the manufactured home as his principal residence.
• Borrower must have a suitable site to place the manufactured home. It can be a rental site in Manufactured Home Park or can be a home site. The site should have adequate water supply and garbage disposal facilities.
• The borrower should have an average credit score.

Loan term
The maximum term for a manufactured home or a single-section manufactured home is twenty years. However, for a multi-section manufactured home and lot, the term is for 25 years. For a manufactured home and lot, the term is for 15 years.

How can you find the dealer who gives mobile home loans?
You can get the contact details of the lenders in your area who give mobile home loans from the local retailers. Contact us if you need help of have any questions.

However, it should be noted that one of the basic criteria for getting mobile home loans is that manufactured homes must be according to the Model manufactured home installation standards.

Mobile home parks can be a great investment for the short and long term. If your interested in comercial real estate, especially mobile home parks, I recommend you take a look at this system, they give you everything you need to succeed. Click Here to find out how to make money with mobile homes!

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Sabrina Gomez

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